Often the choice of whether to buy a new or used car is already decided based on our budget. Lots of people would love to be able to be driving around in a new car but with prices often starting from around £15000 for a basic family car, it is just not an option for many.

Many of us cannot afford to buy a new car and therefore have to buy second hand. Buying a second hand car is always a bit of a risk as you do not know its full history and often you have little or no warranty with it.  There are a number of things you can do to try and avoid getting stung when buying a second hand car but unfortunately some problems can develop very quickly and the seller may even not be aware of them.

You can carry out a HPI check on the vehicle which will check to see if it has outstanding finance on it, has been written off or had plate changes. Most garages that sell second hand cars will automatically do this, but you can request to see the report if you wish or if buying privately you may need to do this yourself.  

Buying from a garage does give you a little bit more comeback than buying a second-hand car privately as you should get a three-month warranty as a minimum from most reputable dealers.