Service history is very important when it comes to used cars. Lots of people want to know that that a car has been looked after by previous owners and therefore want to see a record of the services which have been completed over time. Each make and model of car may have its own service schedule. Some for example may need to be serviced every 12 months or every year which ever comes first whilst others may not need to be serviced for three years at a time. You can also often have major services at different intervals. These major services may include additional extras like changing the cambelt or spark plugs.

If you have just bought a used car then you may find that you cannot seem to locate the service history book. Often many new owners at this point ring up the garage or the person they had the car off to find out where it may be. Not many people are aware but a lot of new cars now do not come with a service book. Instead, all the services are recorded on the manufacturers database. You can get a print off of the service that was done through the garage to keep with your book, but you will not need to get a book stamped. Some manufacturers even have an App that you can download on to your phone and view previous services.