When buying a new or used car, people often have different ideas of what they want. It may be that you need a family car that can fit car seats and have room for your luggage in the back, or maybe you just want something cheap to run and reliable. For some people a car is just something to get them from A to B, but for others it is a statement and something that they want to feel proud of. It may be that you are not too fussed about how much it costs to tax, insurance or fuel but more the driving performance in terms of speed and handling. If this is the case then you will probably be looking for something with a large engine which boosts a high break horsepower. If on the other hand running costs are a big factor then you may opt for something more economical. It may be that you choose a newer car that are often more efficient and that you look for the car with the best MPG not that can achieve the highest MPH! Often you cannot always believe the MPG that are advertised on the website or in the brochure for a new car as these seem rarely achieved. Instead look on owners’ forums or even take the car out for a drive.