Insurance is essential to any driver. It is illegal to drive on the public roads without insurance and even to have your car parked on a road without insurance. It can be a very hefty cost for motorists, with some new and inexperienced drives often having to fork out thousands of pounds on their first years’ policy.

When you take out car insurance you will often be offered to upgrade your policy by adding in extras. These extras are usually things such as breakdown cover, hire car or replacement car, key cover and personal injury cover.

You may be tempted to scan past these and either accept them all just to be on the safe side or dismiss them without really taking the time to find out what they are offering.

Breakdown cover for example is often added into an insurance policy for as little as £50 for the year but it may only be roadside assistance that is offered, meaning that you would still have to pay should your car need recovering home or to a garage. You need to get an independent quote for breakdown cover and compare like for like coverage to see if the add on is a good price.