When you get a new car, you are likely to have spent a lot of money on it and so you’ll want to do everything you can to keep it safe. The number of car thefts have rocketed in recent years especially if your car is of a desirable brand. Make sure that your insurance is up to date and that it offers a good level of protection against vandalism or theft. Ensure that your excess is not too high, or you could find yourself paying out a big chunk just to make a claim.

Be careful about who you tell about your new car as many people will share their news on social media not realising that this acts as an advert for any would-be thieves.

Ideally, you’d want to park your car off the road however if this is not possible then ensure that you park in a well-lit area, not too close to any other vehicles and ensure you turn your wing mirrors in (if these aren’t automatic). You may want to look at using some CCTV in the area you park just as an extra peace of mind. Make sure you never leave any valuables in the car and ensure that your car keys are kept hidden in your house and not on view to anyone who may try to steal them.