When it comes to Formula One racing, tyres play a massive part in the success of the individual drivers. Starting a race with fresh tyres with a decent amount of tread can give the driver a huge lead on someone starting off with tyres that are already partly worn down. With this in mind, it is easy to see why the teams are carefully with the tyres that they use in the practice and also in the qualifying to ensure they have enough sets of the correct tyres to use in the race.

There are many different types of tyres available to the F1 teams, although each team does have its own supplier. Current F1 tyre suppliers Pirelli have a range of five dry-weather compounds which include ultrasoft (purple sidewall markings), super soft (red markings), soft (yellow markings), medium (white) and hard (orange). They also have wet racing tyres which are the Intermediate’s(green) and wet-weather (blue).