The 1959 Mini – A Classical Icon

The 1959 Mini Morris Minor is seen as a British Icon and it has a ridiculously large fan base even today. These minis sell in the thousands and they may not be mechanically sound like the vehicles on the road today, but they mark a historical period for the British Motoring Industry.


Now the Mini doesn’t exist. There is a BMW redesign, which is titles ‘MINI’ and while there are similarities with the MINI and the Mini, it’s very much seen as a German car, and not British. There are countless classic mini owners clubs, and people will still make investment in these vehicles, often restoring them and using them as an everyday car.

The Mini will always be popular vehicle but the original should never be forgotten, and that’s why it was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century and perhaps it should have been voted in at number 1.