If you are not in the lucky position to own your own sports car then one option to get your ‘sports car hit’ would be to go on a track day.

Here you will be able to drive a number of expensive sports cars and be taught by a driving expert exactly how to get the most out of the cars in an environment where you’re not limited to 70MPH.

The track days are a great way of comparing the sports cars also, seeing which are easier to control and which offer the best driving experience.

Although they can be a bit expensive these track days are great fun and are perfect for the budding sports car enthusiast who can pretend for that day that they are the proud owner of a Bugatti Veyron. Prices start from around £150 depending on the cars you select and how long the experience is for, ensure that you take a spectator with a camera to capture the fun and make all your fellow sports car enthusiasts jealous.