At the moment not many of us can get out in our cars apart from to do the weekly shop unless you are a keyworker. But following the lockdown, many of us will need work doing on our vehicles. It may be that you have just returned to work and do not want to have to have more time off, in which case, you may want to try and use a mobile mechanic.

Mobile mechanics are becoming more and more popular. They can often save you quite a huge chunk of money compared to taking your car in to a garage and will often come to your home or place of work. There are a certain number of jobs that mobile mechanics can’t do, but some of them will have limited use of a ramp in another garage so will be able to take vehicles away for bigger jobs. Other mobile mechanics will outsource bigger jobs to garages, often collecting and delivering the customers car.

They may not be able to get such a huge discount on parts and will often put a little bit on the parts for themselves. If the mechanic is happy for you to do so you may be able to source and purchase the parts yourself for the mechanic to fit, this will often save you even more money.  cheaper, if the mobile mechanic is happy to do this.