Many people hire cars, sometimes for a holiday or a long trip where they need something reliable or some people hire cars on a longer term, using them as a day to day vehicle to get them from a to b. In the UK there are a number of companies which hire out vehicles, these can come from main dealerships such as Ford or from private hire companies such as Enterprise etc. There are also some smaller independent companies that offer hire vehicles to members of the public.
When choosing which hire-company to go with there are some things that you should take into account. Firstly you may want to check how reputable the company is, do some research online and see if you can find some reviews for them. Look on social media sites as well as review sites to try and get a true picture of how they operate. Before hiring any car it is imperative that you check through the terms and conditions especially relating to damage and excesses. Many hire companies will take a low deposit but will also charge you an excess, in addition, should you have an accident often regardless of fault.