Fuel is a huge expense for motorists and if you are not careful you can easily start paying over the odds by not checking what you are paying per litre. Prices can increase and decrease literally over night and often by a few pence a litre or so, when filling up a tank this can quickly start to add up. Diesel is often more expensive than petrol to buy, but occasionally you may find them both at the same price or even diesel cheaper than petrol. Diesel cars generally cost more to buy initially but do often offer a better miles per gallon for the equivalent petrol car and sometimes require less maintenance.

When it comes to fuel prices, you really do need to shop around to get the best deal. You do have to factor in how far you have to drive to get a better price and if making a special trip to fill up, add this cost on to the price of the fuel to check that it is still cheaper. Supermarkets are often able to offer the best prices for fuel and sometimes have competitions to see how is able to reduce the price the most.