Renting a car for a trip in the UK

Renting a car is an exciting but sometimes nerve wrecking experience for many of us. You have to be confident to drive a vehicle that you may never have sat in let alone driven. Most good car rental companies will take you around the car and explain what everything does, and if you are unsure of anything then do not be afraid to ask. They should also offer you a brief test drive with them to allow you to try the vehicle before you drive it away.


When it comes to renting a car for a holiday you may need to rent one that is a lot larger than you own, but make sure that you check the dimensions and weight load before you rent one, to ensure it meets the spec that you need. You will have to leave a deposit for the car and many rental companies offer something called a deposit waiver fee, this means you will pay slightly more to rent the vehicle but should you have a scrap or accident you will not lose your deposit.