The advantages of having a forward facing and rear facing dash cam in a vehicle are felt by many drivers who are unfortunate enough to have an accident in their vehicle. The footage can help to prove who was at fault and can now be submitted to insurance companies and the police as evidence.

 If you have a prestige vehicle you may be acutely aware of its vulnerability when parked away from the home and so dash cams can help to protect your vehicle from theft by the deterrent factor especially if your dash cam is in parking mode where it records when movement is detected. Your dash cam can be linked via a dash cam app to your smartphone so that footage can be viewed in real time. The footage is uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed via Wi-Fi. Any accidental damage to the vehicle may also be captured and timed so that car park CCTV can be used to find the registration number of an offender.

It is a sensible idea to get the dash cam fitted professionally as the wiring will then be hidden from view. Hard wiring kits are readily available enabling the dash cam to be hardwired from the car battery. With this not being a costly exercise, it is better to get it done by a mechanic.