If you are going on a long-distance journey in your car there are some basic checks that you need to do on your vehicle to try and make sure it is road worth and will make the journey without any issues.

Depending on what type of travel you are going to be doing, there are many different things you will need to plan for and consider. Not only do you need to think about food and drink for the trip along with entertainment (especially if travelling with children) but you also need to think about mechanically if the car is sound. Always check the brakes, tyres and lights at least a week before the trip. This will give you time to get them changed should you need to. You should then repeat the checks but also checking washer, coolant and oil levels plus all lights a day or so before your trip.

If you are in doubt about any of these things you may want to take the car to a local garage in advance to allow them to give it the once over and confirm that everything is ok. Although this will not eliminate every possible issue that could occur it may help avoid many.