Porsche being sued over death of Paul Walker

The tragic story of the death of Paul Walker has been brought back to the attention of the media following the news that his daughter has filed a lawsuit again the sports car manufacturers Porsche.

Paul Walker died as a result of a car accident in November 2013 when a Porsche Carrera GT his friend was driving, hit a lamp post and burst in to flames.

Recent news has stated that the Porsche Carrera GT that is renowned for its speed and performance, had not been fitted with the usually safety features that other sports cars of a similar model had and that if it had, the crash may have had a different outcome.

Previously the driver’s widow had tried to sue Porsche for the death of her husband but it was decided that the car company was not at fault.

Safety features on sports cars should be second to none as the chances are if someone does have a crash in one, the sped they are doing is likely to be higher. This said though, every one should stick to the speed limits to protect themselves should there be fault with the car or should they lose control of the vehicle.