Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is one of the world’s most iconic sports cars and with a new model on the market it looks set to remain as popular as ever. There are several things that are synonymous with the 911, beyond the legendary build quality and performance pedigree that Porsche is famous for. The combination of rear mounted boxer engine (the famous flat-6 that gives a lower centre of gravity than conventional engine layouts) and rear wheel drive give the 911 its characteristic handling. The 911 is also considered one of the more “easy to live with” supercars which may be the reason it’s so popular.

The new 911 doesn’t deviate significantly from the tried and tested formula but there is one major change that may have traditionalists worried. The new engine is now turbo charged, across the range, but worries about turbo lag are a thing of the past and the new engine proving to be even better than the outgoing naturally aspirated power plant. Handling is sublime and the new engine and gearbox give great drivability. The interior has been given an upgrade, too, bringing the 911 up to the standards of Ferrari and the like.