No one likes it when we are all of a sudden hit with a huge expense for our car, and often many things cannot be expected or avoided. This being said there are ways we can try and spread out work to be done on our vehicle to try and avoid having a lot of work required at the point of the MOT. Also, keeping up on maintaining on your vehicle such as servicing, oil changes and wheel alignment can often mean that we encounter less issues with our vehicles and can get any problems sorted before they cause more damage.

Once you have had an MOT done, keep a diary of what work has been done and when and try and plan the work that may need doing over the next 12 months. Services are usually done annually or when the car reaches a certain amount of miles. MOT’s are done annually after a car is three years old and tyres etc. will need to be changed as and when depending on how many miles you have done, and if they are damaged at all. Trying to get a bit of work done each month on your car will help avoid things going wrong and can mean that you can spread the cost out over 12 months.