So you’ve saved up and just bought the sports car of your dreams however the extra risk that you now face of someone stealing your pride and joy is a very real problem particularly in todays climate. More and more we hear about homes being broken into just to steal car keys.

So what can you do to help reduce the risk of your sports car being stolen?

Firstly, in an ideal world the car would be parked off road either on a drive with gates or in a garage however that may not always be possible. The car can however be parked in an area where CCTV is clearly visible as a deterrent to thieves. You should also consider using things such as wheel clamps or a steering wheel lock that are visible from outside the car. 

Its also a good idea to exercise caution when sharing photos on social media of your new sports car as people have been targeted before following someone seeing their posts and also posts about being away on holiday before.

Always ensure that your insurance offers full cover in case of theft so that at least should the worse happen you are covered.