When it comes to cars there are a number of expenses that you have to fork out over the year. An MOT is one of them and although the MOT itself only costs around £40, the work required to get it to pass can quickly rack up into the hundreds.

The MOT is an inspection that needs to be carried out by an authorised garage. It is designed to check that certain parts are functioning correctly and that the car is safe to be driven on the road. Some aspects that are checked are safety related and other such as CO2 emissions are more for the environment that for safety whilst driving. Every car that is over 3 years old must have a valid MOT to allow it to be driven on the roads in the UK.

If when you take the car or van in for an MOT it passes you will only have to pay the price of the test. If the car or van fails, then you will have to fork out for the repairs that need doing and have it retested. You will not have to pay again if you take it back to the same test centre before the end of the next working day for a partial retest but you may have to pay for a partial test if it is over this time but within 10 working days. You are not allowed to drive a car on the UK roads that does not have a valid MOT certificate. It really is worth trying to save some money towards your MOT in case you need to have a lot of work done.