Tyres are a very important part of a vehicle. They have a huge affect on the safety of the car or van and are often the cause of accidents. A blow out on the motorway for example can cause the car to veer off and the drive may find they have no control whatsoever as to where the car ends up. If travelling at 70mph this can be extremely scary.

All drivers should know where and how to find the size of tyres fitted on their vehicle. It is quite easy to find this information out, but you do need to know where to look and what you are looking for. On the side of every tyre is printed the size. It may just look like a bunch of numbers and letters but it is fairly easy to understand what they mean. You will see that it is normally written like 205/55/ R16 95V. If we break this down, we can see that it tells us a lot of information about the tyre. The first number in this example is the tyre width in mm, the second is the type height as a percentage of the width and the third letter and number is the diameter. The next number (95) is the load capacity and the final letter is the speed rating.

Although you may not need to fully understand exactly what all of this means, you will need to use this information if booking your car in to a garage or searching online for tyres.