As winter is now upon us, we need to think about looking after our vehicles especially so if it is a valuable sports car. During the cold winter months we still expect to jump into them and have a problem free journey and this may well be the case with a brand new car but if you find yourself driving a sports car that is more than a few years old it is sensible to plan ahead for the winter months.

Possibly the most important factor in winter is whether the tyres have plenty of tread on them. It is worthwhile investing in winter tyres on your vehicle as safety should be your priority.

Something that causes an issue for many drivers in winter is the vehicle battery. It needs to be checked to make sure it is maintaining its charge as the cold mornings can cause the battery to fail. If the battery is more than a few years old, it may be better to get a new one for peace of mind.

Preventing problems with the coolant system is simple to address by putting antifreeze in the system as directed and using a suitable anti-freeze product in the window washers.

If at all possible, protect your sports car from the elements by housing it in a garage or using a purpose made cover as the paintwork will deteriorate over time.