Knowing the right time to sell your car can mean that you get the most money for it and also that it sells quickly. Some people decide that they do not want to keep the car any longer, spending more money on it, but you do need to consider certain things like how much MOT is left on it and is there anything that needs to be fixed before it goes up for sale. Having little or no MOT on your vehicle will make it very hard to sell and people will often think that you are getting rid of the car just before the MOT is due because you do not think it will pass. Often you will end up having to slash a lot of the price.

If you can, it is best to sell a car with 12 months MOT on it or as close to as possible. This way people know that some of the main components have been checked on the vehicle and they are not going to have to fork out for MOT failures in a few months. If there are any obvious issues with the car that will affect the saleability then it is advised to get these fixed. If it is going to cost you too much to fix them then you need to reduce the price you are asking for the vehicle to fall in line with this.