Formula one is a very popular motor sport that has been around for over 70 years. It first started in 1950 when cars could reach speeds of around 100 km/h in about four seconds. Over the years there have unfortunately been some horrific accidents, which is often the case in any sporting event but despite this, the sport does remain to be very safe considering the speeds the drivers are doing. At present, the F1 cars can reach 100km/h in just over 3 seconds and reach top speeds of around 370km/h. Having a crash at these sorts of speeds is very dangerous but because of the additional security features that are constantly being added to the vehicles, serious injury still remains fairly low. The introduction of the halo in 2018 was a huge leap for safety in F1 and has already more than proven its worth. It is a safety protection system that is used to protect the drivers head and create a barrier. It is a three-pronged bar designed to stop or deflect large pieces of debris, such as track side barriers or wheels from another vehicle, from entering the cockpit. We have already seen several incidences that may well have turned out very different had the halo not been installed on to the vehicles.