When taking out a rental car you have a set fee for the rental of the vehicle over a specified number of days. This fee is agreed before your rental is made, however, there can be extra hidden costs that are set out in the terms and conditions from the rental company and it’s worth watching out for these.

You may see charges for things such as damage to the vehicle, late returns or returning the car with less fuel than was originally in car.

These charges can vary but can be quite high for issues that are easily avoided, and here’s how:

First when you take out a rental agreement read the terms and conditions carefully to check for anything that can cause a penalty charge. Next when you get the car you should look very carefully around the it and make note of any scratches or damage that you notice both inside and outside the vehicle.  It’s always best to take photos if you can as these will have time and date references on to prove that the damage was there before you have driven the car.

Then you should take a note of the miles the car has done and the fuel level, again with photos, and make sure that you don’t exceed the agreed milage. Finally ensure that you refill the car with fuel to the appropriate level, double checking that you put the correct fuel in too. This should avoid any unexpected charges on the return of the vehicle.