Most drivers dread the prospect of a breakdown, especially on the motorway. However much they try to prepare for it it is still very stressful when your car breaks down by the roadside so, If you do have the bad luck to break down when driving do you know what to do?

Having breakdown cover with a reliable organisation is one way to alleviate some of the worry about breaking down and is really important if you do lots of motorway driving. Make sure that you have the details of your cover and the relevant telephone numbers with you. A phone call to the operator with details of your car and location will need to be done then help should be on its way within the hour in most cases.

Carrying an emergency triangle is a good idea and is compulsory in some countries. This should be placed a few metres from your car to warn other motorists of the hazard as well as switching on your hazard lights. It is essential, especially if you breakdown on a motorway that you do not stay inside the vehicle but stand well away in case your car is struck by another vehicle while you are waiting to be recovered.