MOT’s are often a worrying time for an car owner. It may be that it is the first MOT that you have had to have carried out on the vehicle since you owned it so you may have no idea what it may pass or fail on. You can look onlie now to find out the history of MOT’s for cars so you may be able to get an idea from that as to what might need doing this time round.

When booking your car in for a MOT make sure that you book it in in advance as once the MOT has expired you will not be able to drive it around unless taking it for the retest / repairs. There are things that you can do at home to try and ensure it does not fail on anything small and obvious.

During the MOT they will check that the lights are working so be sure that all your lights including number plate lights are checked and aligned as they should be. Replacing a blub is often relatively easy and cheap to do yourself. Tyres wear and condition as well as inflation are checked during the MOT so make sure that they are above the legal limit and also have enough air in them.