Finding a mechanic that you can reply upon and trust is of vital importance. When we take our vehicle to a garage, we often have to trust that what they say is true and that they do not quote for additional work that doesn’t need doing.

You may even use a garage that has been recommended to you by a friend or family member, but you still always need to be a little cautious. If the garage or mechanic is quoting you for work that you believe is unnecessary then you can take the vehicle elsewhere and ask their opinion. Do not be afraid to question repair work that is being quoted or to question prices as you may find just by a bit of bartering you can get some money off. This is more likely to happen at an independent garage as chain garages tend to have more fixed prices and often won’t budge. You should also try and find out time scales for your repair work to be completed and if you are able to have a courtesy car whilst they have your vehicle. Again not all garages will offer this but it is worth asking.