Fast cars and bad weather: A recipe for trouble

The onset poor winter weather is often a signal to stow the sports car away in the garage under its blanket and resign yourself to several months of dull, sensible driving. A powerful engine and rear wheel drive set up don’t lend themselves to driving in the snow and ice as you’re much more likely to fall victim to snap oversteer than a nice, sensible front wheel or four wheel drive set up.

If you can’t stretch to running more than one vehicle, this can cause a real headache when buying a car. Practicality versus performance is always a consideration, but the spectre of the unpredictable British winter can be the nail in the coffin for the sporty option. Happily, there’s been a trend recently for all wheel drive set ups on many performance cars, which can offer relief from the livelier handling of a rear drive setup. High tech traction control and a variety of modes in high end super cars , in line with a trend to more drivable, easier to live with sports cars are also welcome changes.