As a general rule a vehicle will run better and be less likely to break down if it is regularly serviced and so if you are fortunate enough to own an expensive model it could be said that it is even more important. Having to lay out possibly hundreds of pounds for a car service, especially if there is nothing wrong with the car is hard but it is important as a service is vital to maintaining the vehicle and should not be put off.

The routine services on a car usually include changing the oil and filter, changing the air filter and checking the coolant levels. The mechanic will also check over the major components on the car to see if there are any signs of damage or wear which may mean they need to be replaced.

Regularly servicing your car should keep it running smoothly and will ensure that it is using fuel efficiently. It may also prevent costly repairs by spotting a problem before it gets too bad. The service intervals for a vehicle vary and will depending on the make, model, age and mileage of the vehicle. The schedule can usually be found in the car manual which the dealership will stamp once the service is completed.