When you think of sports car then you may not think of electric. There certainly are only a hand full of electric cars that can be classed as sports cars like the Tesla model S or Porche’s Taycan. What a lot of people say is lacking in an electric car is the driving experience. Being able to feel the roar of the engine and the handling of the vehicle is something that makes a sports car great to drive.

Audi have made a new four door electric sports car called the E-Tron GT. Unlike the Porsche, the Audi saloon is designed to not only be as fun to drive as a sports car but also comfortable for long journeys. They have not taken the fun out of the drive but have ensured that it is also practice. For example, they have added adjustable air suspension, which allows you to change it from motorway cruising to aggressive cornering at the flick of a switch. They have also included four wheel drive as standard to allow for quick, smooth land changes or a tight turning circle, even at low speeds, making parking a doddle. Having a sports car doesn’t have to just be fun it can now also be practice too.