For many people owning a sports car is a dream that seems entirely out of reach but if you are fortunate enough to be able to make your dream a reality what type of sports car should you buy?

The first thing to decide is whether you prefer a luxury convertible or a some would say more comfortable coupe. The disadvantage with a convertible is that road noise may be a problem when using the soft top if however, you have a hard top that can be used this can reduce this. Many feel though that the joy of travelling with the wind blowing through your hair is worth the increased road noise.

The powerfulness of the sports car is very important to some drivers and so make sure that you do your research before choosing your make and model. The performance of the car is not always important however especially if you choose an older model sports car as the enjoyment gained from driving a classic sports car outweighs the desire for high speed.

If you are in the enviable position of being able to buy a new sports car you will be able to choose the colour, the interior trim and which accessories and features you require. Think carefully about your choices as this can increase the cost of your vehicle dramatically.