Lots of people dream about owning a sports car and although that may not ever come true, they could at least get to drive one instead. Many companies offer sports car experiences and they range is price from around fifty pounds upwards of a thousand pounds.

You need to check very carefully as to what is included in the price of the package as the time you get to drive can vary drastically. If the experience says duration 2 hours that doesn’t mean that you will get to drive the car for the two hours. Often you will have a briefing and the instructor may take you out for a drive before you get behind the wheel. Often the actual time that you get driving is less than ten minutes. This does mean that the experience works out expensive but it is still very often worth it for many people. You can sometimes pay extra to double your time. This is not usually double the price as everything else stays the same, so you will have already done the briefing etc. Many of these companies charge an excess if you damage the car. This can be thousands of pounds but they often offer you an excess wavier which means you would have to pay should you damage it.