Breaking down when on a journey is one of the nightmare situations that drivers sometimes find themselves in and whether it is on the way to work, during your journey on holiday or visiting family or friends the hassle that ensues is the reason why most car owners choose to buy breakdown cover.

There are a number of companies offering breakdown cover and so it is well worth reading online reviews as to which are the best in terms of speed of call out and general efficiency.

The level of cover that that is needed will depend on the circumstances of the driver and the distance that is usually driven on a regular basis. For instance most companies offer home start so a mechanic will attend the home address of the policy holder if the car will not start however if there are local mechanics that can come out it may be that money can be saved by not purchasing this cover.

When deciding on the level of cover, a catch that many people do not realise is the ten mile rule, that is to say if the car needs to be recovered to the home address and it is over ten miles, the policy holder will need to pay an amount per mile (approximately three pounds) over the ten mile limit alternatively it will need to be towed to a garage within ten miles if it cannot be fixed at the roadside. Choosing national recovery is a better option thus avoiding this situation.