If the thought of driving a rental car sends shivers down you spine and brings you out in a cold sweat, then fear not, for this list of simple ideas aims to soothe your furrowed brow and wrap you in a nice warm ‘new car’ scented blanket.
My biggest fear concerning renting a car is driving off the forecourt in plain sight of all the rental staff, who I imagine are all immaculate drivers. I can’t bear the thought of stalling or taking to long to pull out or God forbid getting beeped! (the horror!)
So, here is my list of to-dos before you bye-bye
Ask questions, make a list beforehand and make sure to cover all your bases. Where is this? How do I that?
Check the oil and water and tyre pressure or ask if they can do it for you.
Take it slowly and don’t let anyone make you pull away until you are ready.
Adjust your seat and mirrors before setting off.
Take a moment- a deep breath, or two – and then off you go.
You can do this, this car suits you and if it wasn’t for that blooming great logo on the side no one would know that it wasn’t yours.