Starter motor problems often become more apparent this time of year as the cold weather kicks in. If you have an older vehicle or one that has high mileage you may start to notice that a number of issues start to arise. Over time many parts on a car become worn out and will need to be replaced. One of these parts that can go and need replacing is a starter motor. As the starter motor is often hidden in the depths of the mechanics of the vehicle, the most common way to detect a sign of starter motor failure is through sound. The sound your car makes when first trying to start it up can often indicate what the problem is. It may make a clicking, whirring or grinding sound for example which all point to different components of the started motor. You may not be able to see that anything is wrong without taking part of the engine apart.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with a started motor such as a loose connection or a defective solenoid. Some of these issues can be repaired others will require you to fit a new starter motor. You will need a competent mechanic to strip the vehicle down for you and find and ix or replace it.