Gear box issues are something that many of us dread. It is often not a quick fix and can turn out to be very costly. Regardless of whether you have an automatic or a manual gear box in your car, any vehicle can develop gear box issues. Sometimes these issues are just down to wear and tear and other times it may be that a fault has developed. Often people say that for a while they have noticed a noise when changing gear, or that the gear box has started to become sloppy, or they may not be aware of any issues at all until it stops working altogether. If your gear box goes completely not only can this make the car undrivable but it can also be very dangerous.

Manual cars have two cables that drive the gears, one does the forward and backward motion of the stick and the other does the side to side. If one of these cables’ breaks, then you may find that you lose half of your gear positions or possibly all of them.  It may be that the cables have just come off and they can be secured again, even if it is only a temporary, it may be enough to get you to a garage.

If the gear stick has a lot of play in it and seems lose even when in a gear, then the cable may well of stretched and need replacing.